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The robotic process automation software market has an exponential growth rate and is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace for years to come. This is due to the need for companies and organizations to improve processes in order to grow and stay alive in a context of change and uncertainty.

The process automation (RPA) without requiring users to have “no-code” coding skills helps organizations to be more efficient and faster in their processes, and at the same time enables them to empower administrative personnel to self-manage the platform without requiring personnel with no-code platform programming skills. As installations are progressing in companies with different characteristics, the tool is becoming more and more DaMap acquires learning, verifies and validates your developments in different industries leaving all the power within the reach of any user without requiring technical knowledge for its administration.

One of the main characteristics that stand out for those who use DaMap is the level of customization “no-code” that is achieved on the platform by understand exactly what the customers’ requirements are and include everything in the platform, and by elaborating, if necessary, new algorithms and developments to meet the new requirements posed by them.

The technology used by DaMap is based on an open platform that can be installed as local software on the servers of the company that requires it or it can also be used as a cloud service.

There is a trend, on the part of companies that choose to work with DaMap, to adopt the cloud as an option. This is due, in part, to the growing e-commerce industry, remote work and the advancement of technology that enables high quality and robust online developments. DaMap has the capacity to process complex transactions, with a lot of data and to do it in a short time both on site and from the cloud.

Technology in the context of the pandemic also enables the growth of the retail market. This creates a race in which SMEs that succeed in transforming their processes will have the ability to win more customers, process higher transaction volumes, save time and money. However, there is a false belief among SME leaders. They think that this type of development is restrictive or exclusive to large companies and requires large investments. This is not the case, since DaMap is a tool that adapts to all types of companies and needs. It offers cloud services and customized plans with the same quality and power as an installation on your own server. The platform provides access from anywhere, to teams of administrative users, under high levels of data security and reduces the risk of human error. No matter the size of the company, the number of transactions to reconcile or the complexity of the data, DaMap covers the required needs since it has the capacity to adapt, to learn from the processed data, and to incorporate new algorithms as needed.

In general, DaMap queries and implementations are related to financial, administrative and accounting transactions, tasks so overwhelming and repetitive that they often pose a challenge or obstacle to business growth. A clear example of this is the increase in web transactions and purchases, the reason for the confinement, which challenges companies to optimize their online financial and stock reconciliation times, as well as to manage to articulate the remote work of the people involved in the reconciliation tasks. The pandemic changed the local and international market and enabled geographic expansions, DaMap accompanies these growths and also experiences them by having both national and international clients.

It currently has several functions depending on the type of product, service and implementation required. It has a friendly and easy to use interface, supports different file formats and allows centralizing the information, being accessible in real time for the entire team of users. In addition, it helps companies in their growth strategies by optimizing, organizing, auditing and improving operations that were previously manual. The breadth and robustness of the product allows all types of industry to find a solution using the DaMap platform. Obtaining reliable results and valuable information allows for better decision making, forecasting results and achieving positive impacts on the growth of companies. Implementing solutions such as this also optimizes the value chain, promotes Uruguayan domestic industry and enhances technological innovations.