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Reconciliation of all banks, cards and payment gateways worldwide.

Automatic financial reconciliations.

Reconcile all your company's sources of income.


DaMap reconciles all ERP, systems and banks, cards and gateways in the world.

The ideal time to save time and costs is now.

Start reconciling automatically in, seconds.

Bank, card and payment gateway reconciliation in seconds.

Automatic reconciliation of all your banks, cards and payment gateways, in just seconds.

Impact: from 8 hours a day, to just minutes.

Automatic reconciliation. High complexities

The platform provides a clear layout of the transaction matcheos. What is humanly reconcilable, it performs on a scale of up to 1000 transactions per second.

Automatic discrepancy detection.

Exclusive environment that lists transactions that could not be patched. Errors, omissions, missing entries.

Customer was able to detect and recover $500,000 missing, thanks to DaMap.

Attention to discrepancies detected, in seconds.

In just clicks and seconds, DaMap automatically notifies the counterparty of the error, or discrepancy detected. All cases with discrepancies are centralized.

Multi-language, multi-source and multi-currency platform.

With the support of:

Start saving time and costs by reconciling automatically

Multi-cloud platform