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Federico Zubía – DaMap’s CEO

Facilitating advanced intelligence for companies.

As an analytics consultant I saw how there are a lot of technological capabilities that are not being used by companies to their full potential.

Normally, this is due to two challenges: firstly, the need to adapt them to the environment and the fact that the existing systems in the company demand a lot of work; and secondly, the lack of personnel who can manage them efficiently.

With financial reconciliations it is exactly the same, there is the technological capability to do the task well, but it requires complex, time consuming projects that require people with advanced technical or financial knowledge.

DaMap comes to change that paradigm, bringing to companies a service that allows them to use on the one hand, the power of the most advanced technologies, without requiring changes in their systems, and on the other hand, that can be used by people who only need to understand the basic administrative process of reconciliation.

We expect to grow a lot “with” and “for” our client companies, facilitating their reconciliation tasks, and allowing them to scale their business tasks, improving their efficiency and control.