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Great adaptability. Easy implementation

DaMap reads all file types without requiring changes or modifications to your company’s existing systems .


Centralization and historical record

Access information from all your business units and reconciliation processes, organized by periods, in a centralized way and accessible from any device.

Automatic reconciliation in seconds

We simplify the reconciliation process so that your company can focus solely on the control and follow-up of inconsistencies detected by the platform.

Accounting firms

Multiple companies and accounts

Manage the reconciliation of multiple companies and accounts on a single web platform.

Reconciles all types of accounting outputs and bank statements.

The system reads all types of file formats, both bank statements and ledgers from all accounting systems.

All periods in one place.

Your consultants can access the historical reconciled information (all periods that were entered), generating new reconciliation processes and downloading the accounting audit reports that are required for their presentation.